Rehemogen contains Cascara sagrada, red clover, poke root, prickly ash bark, and burdock root, which have been historically used for their cleansing and building properties. Rehemogen is also formulated with essential oils to enhance digestion.*

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What I love about

the Rehemogen:
I love Rehemogen because it is a great supplement support for my blood and circulation. With someone that has anemia, I appreciate the support that Rehemogen does to my circulatory system by rebuilding blood cells and detoxify by clearing heavy metals and in the process combat anemia and toxemia. Rehemogen has essential oils that are specially formulated to help the bone marrow produce new healthy red blood cells which carry oxygen all over the body. And with that support I know have lower risk of developing Thalassemia which apparently what my nana has. My nana also takes Rehemogen to support her red blood cell production.

Initial Impressions

Since I was diagnosed with Anemia, I was worried that it may lead to Thalassemia if left unchecked, my mom who belives in the power of essential oils suggested that I should try Rehemogen. She already gave a bottle to my gran who takes 3 ml of Rehemogen thrice a day with cranberry juice. I am doing the same because I can’t take it water alone. It has an interesting taste that’s not really great but can be tolerated if taken with a juice. I’ve only been taking Rehemogen for a week so there’s not much to tell yet, but according to my nana she doesn’t feel sickly and she’s been getting enough sleep lately and she thinks maybe it is because of Rehemogen.

My personal rating

I am rating Rehemogen 9/10.


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