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Our most comprehensive oil collection just got better! Young Living’s exclusive Premier Aroma Collection (formerly Aroma Complete) brings together 120 of our therapeutic-grade essential oils for those who live and breathe essential oils. And since you never want to be far from your Premier Aroma Collection, we’re including our sleek, brand-new Premium Display Case to keep your oils safe on the go!

Open the Premium Display Case to easily show off your collection, with every bottle held securely in molded foam panels that unfold to display each label. When you’re done, simply close the case to turn it into a chic over-the-shoulder bag that’s ready for action. Best of all, the Premium Display Case has room to store 140 essential oils and blends, including space for larger 15-ml bottles and roll-ons.

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What I love about

the [Premier Aroma Collection]:
I was diagnosed with pneumonia the day this arrived. I put the breathe in my diffuser for the rest of the day and used the good sleep in the diffuser in my bedroom. While I still need my medicine it seems to be opening my airways and making it a little easier to breath. I am in pain with each breath I take so I am having to use my nebulizer and use my rescue inhaler. But I really feel that the oils are helping with my respiration. I am excited to use the other oils once I get over this illness. I use the oils everyday in my business so it helps to find a bundle of scents that I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the product!

Initial Impressions

My first experience with essential oils and wow! These are great. I’ve been using them continuously since they arrived. I was provided with a great selection of fragrance and when you combine them, the variety is exponential. No more store bought, chemically laden air fresheners for me. I’m currently exploring methods to use these oils in my vehicle instead of the retail versions of air freshener. Worth every penny.

My personal rating

I like these oils very much. I’m sort of new to the essential oils and feel like the variety in this set really gives me a lot of options to choose from so I can find the ones I really enjoy. So far peppermint is my absolute favorite but they are all great and an excellent value! Rating this an absolute perfect 10.


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