ParaFree is formulated with an advanced blend of some of the strongest essential oils studied for their cleansing abilities.* This formula also includes the added benefits of sesame seed oil and olive oil.

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What I love about

the ParaFree:
I love ParaFree because it’s a cyclic approach of cleansing my gut. I have read that some bad bacteria takes cycles before completely ”eradicated” from our intestines, so I think that ParaFree is the best approach to combat said bad bacteria. I wanted to try ParaFree because I wanted to take extra support my digestive health. It contains a blend of essential oils that is diluted in sesame oil. I take 3 soft gels twice a day as instructed in the product label for 21 days and stop for 7 days then repeat the cycle 3 times. And so far it doesn’t have ill effects on me. I am still on my 2nd cycle so the full effect of the ParaFree I have to wait after the 3rd cycle if it will agree with me.

Initial Impressions

I tried ParaFree because I watched a video review about it and I am kind of curious as to what effect does an essential oil based supplement would do for my gut health. I ordered ParaFree from their website. The product came in a few days and in great condition. I just got a bit intimidated in the size of the soft gels, it’s bigger than most soft gels and I thought taking 6 tablets a day is going to be difficult but it’s tolerable. At first I took it without food but whenever I burp the smell of ParaFree soft gels comes up, I am now taking it with meals every morning and every night.

My personal rating

I am giving ParaFree an 8/10 rating as I am not yet through with my 2nd cycle. I might do another review when I finish it.


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