Longevity is enriched with pure Thyme, Orange, and Frankincense essential oils.
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What I love about

the Longevity:

What I love about

Longevity is that it helps me combat the effects of aging and outside and inside stressors to my body. I love that it contains Clove essential oil that is known to be a potent antioxidant. Since I started taking Longevity, I noticed that my skin brightened, it has a healthy glow unlike before that it looks so dull and blotchy. I also noticed that even I am stressed; I don’t succumb to illnesses that quick. I am protected when I take Longevity soft gels once a day from free radicals that causes damage to my cells.

What I love about

is that I don’t get jittery and palpitations when I take Longevity unlike when I rely to coffee’s antioxidants. Longevity soft gels don’t have caffeine so it won’t make you addictive.

Initial Impressions

I got my Longevity from the website; I have to wait for them to restock because they are out of stock then. When I got my order, they shipped it promptly and within days it arrived in my doorstep. The product arrived to me in good condition and no damage whatsoever. I noticed some changes within a month when a friend pointed out that I look better and healthier. That I lost the gloomy and stressed look I have and was replaced by a healthy glow that clearly came from within. That’s when I proved that Longevity is really a better antioxidant than over the counter products.

My personal rating

I am rating Longevity 10/10 for effectiveness.


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