KidScents Shampoo


KidScents Shampoo contains no synthetic perfumes, colors, or toxic ingredients. The natural components in this shampoo—aloe, MSM, Chamomile, and Tangerine and Lemon essential oils—effectively and gently cleanse without causing irritation.
KidScents Shampoo contains:

Natural Ingredients
Therapeutic-grade essential oils
No mineral oils
No synthetic perfumes
No artificial colorings
No toxic ingredients

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What I love about

the [KidScents Shampoo]:
Love this! I’m a fan of this line and used the baby shampoo/wash from newborn until my daughter turned two, and tried this since she has so much hair and wanted something just for hair that wouldn’t dry it out. It smells so good and it lasts until the next wash. I love cuddling her and smelling her hair after using this! Definitely get a separate conditioner or detangler. We use the shea moisture coconut and hibiscus detangler and the combo is perfect. Highly fragrant, highly moisturizing product. It also smells wonderful which is an added bonus. I also love that it is free of harsh chemicals.

Initial Impressions

Smells amazing. Bought this to use in place of baby shampoo for my 2 year old daughter. This shampoo left her hair feeling very soft and free of tangles. After sleeping all night her hair wasn’t all tangled either which made it easier to brush her hair. Smells so good ,my daughter has really thick and wavy hair and this shampoo and conditioner works well. It’s good if you have a kid like mine who is terrified of hair washings, this shampoo is NO Tears, so it doesnt sting her eyes.

My personal rating

Love this product and the company’s philosophy. They make amazing products that smell great and work very well on my kids who have sensitive skin. I recommend everything they produce and I look forward to buying more of their products. Highly recommended. It rinses out very easily and leaves hair tangle -free. And for this I am gonna rate this a 10/10.


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