KidScents Owie – 5ml


Apply Owie topically to improve the appearance of your child’s skin.

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What I love about

the [KidScents Owie 5ml]:
Love this KidScents Owie. Product was exactly as described. Some other essential oils for kids had bad reviews for the oil being clear and smelling chemically, (apparently due to refining process or inferior quality oil) but this oil is rich yellow, with a lovely light smell. I started using it in combination with a derma roller to help combat skin problem for my kids, and uneven tones on my face and have already started seeing results. I have combination skin (both oily and dry spots) and sensitive skin where it don’t take much of any product to trigger a bad breakout, but this product has soothed, hydrated, evened tones and helped clear up acne. Would highly recommend.

Initial Impressions

This is a very nice oil, it absorbs quickly, leaves skin feeling smooth, and the lovely aroma is very soothing. I apply it to my kids after bathing at night as well as on my hands during the day, I do lots of yard work, so the quick absorption is great. I highly recommend this oil.

My personal rating

It is really a great product and it works!! It is hard to find a multi function oil and also one that smells so good and not too greasy. It is a perfect all in 1 oil that could be used for almost what you have in mind and what you have been looking for. The price is perfect for it being a multi use product. It is also great because you get everything you need for your kids in just one oil. 10/10 for this product.


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