Golden Touch 1 Essential Oil Collection


The Golden Touch 1 collection contains four Vitality essential oils and three essential oil blends to support your body inside and out. This carefully selected collection is perfect for supporting a healthy lifestyle regimen and keeping your spirits lifted during winter and all year round.

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What I love about

the [Golden Touch 1 Essential Oil Collection]:
I have bad anxiety and tense up and get super emotional for no reason. When I am upset and need instant calming relief, I use the oils in the diffiluser and mix with water. It instantly calms me down and the feelings of stress, uncertainty, and despair just melt away. This is great for helping calm down my BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). The peppermint oil is my favorite. They are very concentrated and all of them smell so good. I love it and when the time comes, I will definitely buy this product again!

Initial Impressions

I wouldn’t have though I would like these as much as I do. To be fair, I haven’t tried any other brands, but I got these and a steam diffuser on a whim and I’ve been delighted with how they make my house smell. I didn’t expect anything out of them except a pleasant scent, and they have lived up to it admirably. We have fun picking out a new combination each day. I liked it enough to get some for my mom for Mother’s Day this year.

My personal rating

I get migraines a lot and since I got these oils I have just been putting a drop of peppermint on my finger and rub it behind my ears, at the base of my neck and on my temples. Makes my eyes water but it really helps get rid of the migraine! I’m very happy with this purchase! The price is very reasonable. Giving this product a 10/10


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