D. Gary Young Commemorative Collection


Enjoy the earthy, inspiring aroma of Journey On essential oil blend and read D. Gary Young: The World Leader in Essential Oils, written by Mary Young, in this commemorative collection.

The Journey On essential oil blend underwent a careful selection of powerful oil blends, including Dream Catcher, ImmuPower, and Motivation, along with Copaiba, Cinnamon Bark, and Peppermint essential oils. It’s gentle, grounding aroma aims to inspire everyone to celebrate Young Living’s unique qualities and show compassion for one another.

Mary Young’s amazing book features an account of Gary Young, a man who followed his dreams, persevered through many unimaginable challenges, and shaped a company that impacts numerous lives around the world. It also delves into Gary’s triumphs and trials, including his journey to walking again, after his tragic logging accident.

Embrace Gary’s life with Journey On and let Gary’s story be a daily reminder of his vision and impact in your life as you create a sense of personal peace and self-progression.

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What I love about

the D. Gary Young Commemorative Collection:

What I love about

D. Gary Young Commemorative Collection is that it is really informative. The book was written by Mary Young. It is an account of the entire dream, visions, the trials and the whole journey of Gary Young to start a company that has impacted numerous people’s lives all over the world. It also includes an essential oil blend that will remind you of the courage and perseverance of the man behind it all. The processes of the essential oils go through to provide a high grade pure extract that what is all about.

Initial Impressions

I purchased the D. Gary Young Commemorative Collection to learn all about the Young Living’s history. I’ve read the book and I am seeing the company in a new light. There is always something inspiring about reading the ups and downs of a person who continues to push through and achieve their dreams. And it also provided in depth knowledge about the blends they have. Plus, the D. Gary Young Commemorative Collection also has a special blend to commemorate D. Gary Young. The blend smells like you can achieve whatever you set your heart to.

My personal rating

I am rating D. Gary Young Commemorative Collection a solid 10/10. I will share this to anyone that wants to know what it like is to be courageous and persistent in the face of trials.


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