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Core Supplements is a convenient and cost-effective solution to incorporate additional vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into your daily routine.
This 30-day supply kit includes OmegaGize3, Longevity Softgels, the new Life 9, and Master Formula, a full spectrum, multinutrient complex.

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What I love about

the Core Supplement Kit:
I love Core Supplement Kit because it almost has everything I need to support my whole body nutrient needs and general health. This kit includes the Master formula whole food multivitamin supplement, Life 9 probiotic supplement, OmegaGize 3omega supplement and the longevity essential oil antioxidant supplement. That’s a lot of nutrients that supports the entirety of my core needs: Immune System, Digestive Tract, Heart, brain, eye, joint, liver and Antioxidants all in one kit.

Initial Impressions

I ordered my Core Supplement Kit through their website. Buying the kit is cheaper than getting them individually which isn’t exactly cheap either. The kit is good for a month. The thing is, you have to take like 10 capsules within a day, that’s a lot for someone like me who can’t really down them easily. I’ve got a sensitive gag reflex. There’s no doubt that this Core Supplement Kit is a great supplement to support my overall health, the number of capsules to be taken is a bit intimidating for me. The only consolation is that it’s in capsules and soft gels not tablets.

My personal rating

I am rating Core Supplement Kit an 8/10. I will recommend it to my family and friends.


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