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Steam distilled from the gum resin of the Brazilian copaiba tree, Copaiba Vitality essential oil has a robust, earthy flavor with notes of honey. When taken internally, it can promote overall wellness and may be an important part of a daily health regimen. Add a few drops of Copaiba Vitality to a cup of herbal tea to enjoy its wellness benefits and a relaxing moment.

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What I love about

the Copaiba Vitality:
I love to put a drop or two of Copaiba Vitality to my tea to encourage healthy skin, respiratory and lymphatic system. The recommended use for Copaiba Vitality is internally. It has a gentle woody and light aroma that is grounding. I love to mix it in my chamomile tea whenever I need a soothing remedy for my headache.

Initial Impressions

My friend is a distributor, one of the products that she offered was Copaiba Vitality. I didn’t pay attention about it before I just put it in the list of essential oils that I thought I liked. I only got a chance to try Copaiba Vitality when I saw it’s the only essential oil that is left unopened. I liked the light woodsy aroma that it has, it has a complex taste but when mixed with a nice chamomile or earl grey tea, I feel calm and soothed. I usually drink it an hour before bed.

My personal rating

It’s a good thing that I chose Copaiba Vitality to be included in my first purchase of Essential oils. It’s good a good support for my overall wellness, I am rating this 10/10.


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