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Citrus Fresh Vitality essential oil blend perfectly combines member-favorite citrus oils with the refreshingly cool taste of Spearmint to add a striking and unique pop of flavor to culinary dishes. This mix of Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Tangerine, Lemon, and Spearmint essential oils can be used to add zest to chicken, salmon, and gourmet salads. You can also try it on the go: Add it to your water to keep you motivated to stay hydrated. Citrus Fresh Vitality can also provide an internal boost with its antioxidants and cleansing properties.* Indulge with Citrus Fresh Vitality and never feel dull about the food you’re eating again!

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What I love about

the Citrus Fresh Vitality:
Whenever I feel a bit down and lethargic, I diffuse some Citrus Fresh Vitality to lift my mood up and feel an extra boost of energy. Working from home has some disadvantages too. I am stuck in my room for most of the day and write the whole day. Sometimes I just feel so stressed and sluggish, and when even a cup or two of coffee doesn’t get me out of my slump I turn to my trusty bottle of Citrus Fresh Vitality. I love how Citrus Fresh Vitality gives off an aroma that is refreshing and rejuvenating. It also clears up the air in the room and giving a really fresh citrusy scent.

Initial Impressions

My friend who works homebased too, suggested that I should try to use aromatherapy to try and clear the air and may be clear my mind to in the process. I asked what does she use and she recommended Citrus Fresh Vitality. I ordered through their website and within days it’s in my doorstep. Just in time because I really have to meet a deadline that I’ve pushed a couple of days already. The moment I put the Citrus Fresh Vitality in the diffuser, I instantly felt energized and my mood lifted. Since then I always keep a bottle of Citrus Fresh Vitality within reach.

My personal rating

I love Citrus Fresh Vitality. I am rating this product 10/10.


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