Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil


Cinnamon Bark essential oil’s warm and comforting aroma exudes a familiar scent from the naturally occurring constituent cinnamaldehyde. Cinnamon Bark plays an integral role in our proprietary, top-selling Thieves essential oil blend, where it is combined with Clove, Lemon, and other essential oils for a signature aroma. There’s no doubt that Cinnamon Bark is a favorite during the winter season, as its sweet and spicy scent evokes memories of the holidays. For a festive note, diffuse Cinnamon Bark with Frankincense, Orange, Tangerine, Clove, or Nutmeg. Cinnamon Bark can also be applied topically if diluted properly to avoid skin irritation.

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What I love about

the Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil:
I love you using Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil as a warming and relaxing foot soak. It really helps me soothe my sore feet after rigorous soccer training. I also love how great it smells while I am soaking my feet. 2 to 3 drops in steaming water while I soak my feet, the steam also diffuses the Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil and it calms my mood and lets me mellow out to help me settle in the night. I get really lethargic after training and the smell of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil has a rejuvenating effect too.

Initial Impressions

My mom prepared a foot soak for me one day when we lost a game. She told me that it might help me with my sore feet and soothe my mood at the same time. The feet soak smelled so good. And it really did help me with relaxing everything. I went to bed with an uplifted spirit and feet that feels just great.

My personal rating

I love Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil. I always use it whenever training was bad. So I am rating this 10/10.


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