Cilantro Vitality – 5ml


A major immune boon, Cilantro Vitality delivers support for your healthy immune system. Keep your defense systems at 100 percent and do your overall wellness a favor with just a couple daily drops of Cilantro Vitality. Whether you want to take it in a vegetarian capsule or use it to add a bright, piquant flavor to Latin American and South Asian recipes is up to you!

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What I love about

the Cilantro Vitality – 5ml:
I love Cilantro Vitality – 5ml because it’s great in soothing upset stomachs and aid in keeping the digestive tract healthy. Also Cilantro Vitality – 5ml also is a good blood purifier. It helps in removing the usual toxins like heavy metals, uric acids and foreign toxins that might have gotten to the blood. I also love that I can use it when I ran out of fresh cilantro for my guacamole and for my soups. It does the job just right.

Initial Impressions

I have been using essential oils as substitute for fresh herbs whenever I ran out of them. Cilantro Vitality – 5ml is potent that I only use a drop in my cooking. I like putting it on tea sometimes. It has an interesting flavor and aroma. It is acquired taste. I just have to be careful not to use more than a drop, because it will taste a lot like soap. Essential oils are concentrated extracts of plant. I always start with a drop and work my way up to achieve desired taste.

My personal rating

Personally, for me would be rated 9/10.


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