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Produced from the steam distillation of dried seeds, Celery Seed Vitality brings a pleasant aroma and taste to pickling blends and brines. Celery Seed Vitality offers a flavor profile that is commonly described as earthy and grassy. It can add a unique depth of taste to coleslaw and salad dressings and can also be used for seasoning poultry.

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What I love about

the Celery Seed Vitality:

What I love about

the Celery Seed Vitality is, first, the health benefits that it provides for the whole family. Celery seeds are known to have high antioxidants that fight foreign bacterias in our body thus prevents from illnesses and it is also a good source of calcium. I mix the Celery Seed Essential Oil to my child’s food because I know it will make her bones stronger. Second, the oil is really good for cooking. Just a dump of celery seed extract and lemon squeeze makes a strong-flavored fish, tastes really interesting. You may also want to mix it with your green salad. I just hope that the manufacturer produces it on bigger bottles instead of us buying small bottles all the time.

Initial Impressions

I never used Celery Seed extract before as I was just simply not aware of the benefits of it. Once I stumbled on an article online about all the good things about it, I looked it up where I can buy one. Now I found the Celery Seed Vitality I did not hesitate to try it. The extract met my expectations. It tastes really good and perfect to blend its earthy and grassy flavor to any dish you can think of. I tried using it to salad dressings and seasoning.

My personal rating
My personal rating

for Celery Seed Vitality is perfect. And definitely recommends this to all. It is very cheap but the quality is beyond expectations.


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