Carrot Seed Essential Oil


Produced from distillation of the seeds of the wild carrot plant, Carrot Seed has a mildly sweet aroma with earthy, herbaceous notes.

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What I love about

the Carrot Seed Essential Oil:
I’ve always suffered from insomnia as long as I’ve remembered. And I stopped taking over the counter products that just give me side effects like jitters and palpitations. Carrot Seed Essential Oil dabbed in the corners of my pillows on the other hand has made me fall asleep effectively. My mom suggested that I should try using essential oils. She told me that Carrot Seed Essential Oil is the best as far as she knows. And since then my sleep has never been better. I feel rested and have better concentration because of it.

Initial Impressions

I ordered Carrot Seed Essential Oil through the site. And within days it arrived in my doorstep, wraaped in bubble wrap and encased in a sturdy box. I also purchased a couple of other essential oils but Carrot Seed Essential Oil is the one I like the best.

My personal rating

I am rating Carrot Seed Essential Oil a 10/10. I sleep better because of it.


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