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The cardamom plant is native to the lush evergreen forests of southern India and has been a highly valued spice since ancient times. Steam distilled from cardamom seeds, Cardamom Vitality essential oil has a rich taste and is one of the world’s favorite cooking spices. Cardamom’s signature flavor is common in both sweet and savory dishes, from Swedish baked goods to Indian curries. It’s also a warm, spicy addition hot drinks. With many health benefits, Cardamom Vitality supports wellness and a healthy lifestyle, is a powerful antioxidant, and supports a healthy digestive system.* Cardamom Vitality essential oil is a must-have for every kitchen.

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What I love about

the Cardamom Vitality:
I love the fact that the Cardamom Vitality has a lot of benefits to our health. It has powerful antioxidants that give a healthy digestive system. This is the product that I want my family to use because of the good digestive support. Aside from its good health benefits, it also has the signature flavor that blends perfectly in both sweet and savory dishes especially in Indian curries. It can also be used for warm and spicy hot drinks. I loved the way its aroma blended nicely with my green tea. It is just so amazing that I cannot only use it for cooking but also for drinks that not only adults would enjoy.

Initial Impressions

I ordered the Cardamom Vitality through their website. It arrived within days and the product is in good condition, no damage whatsoever and the seal were intact.
It has been 10 weeks since we started using the essential oil, and it has promising results. The main reason we bought this product is for my uncle who has high blood pressure. Since then, his blood pressure levels had significantly decreased to the normal range. We simply mixed the Cardamom oil to our tea, it actualy gave an extra flavor to our tea but the best thing is its health benefits.

My personal rating

My rating for the Cardamom Vitality is 10 out of 10. We are very satisfied based from its results and I am now a fan of natural supplements. The Cardamom Vitality is one of the best essential oil supplements I’ve seen.


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