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Black pepper (Piper nigrum) is one of the most popular spices in the world. Its distinctive flavor makes it a common addition to many recipes, from appetizers to entrees. Use Young Living’s Black Pepper Vitality essential oil to spice up your favorite soup, rub, or marinade recipes. Black Pepper Vitality oil can replace ground black pepper.
Black pepper is the most common and potent flavoring of the peppercorn family. Add this cherished seasoning to your kitchen with a convenient bottle of Black Pepper Vitality.

You can find Black Pepper Vitality oil in Young Living’s invigorating sparkling drink, NingXia Zyng. The warm flavor of Black Pepper Vitality balances the sweet blend of Lime essential oil and wolfberry puree for a light and refreshing beverage.

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What I love about

the Black Pepper Vitality:

What I love about

the Black Pepper Vitality is the very distinctive flavor that makes it compatible with many recipes. The spice that it adds to my dish is very satisfying. I could say that oil is easier to use when I marinate meat because it can be easily absorbed. I run a small restaurant and the Black Pepper oil is what I mostly use to spice up our soup and all of the marinade recipes. I recommended this product to my friends who are also in the same business and they all liked the result. They all loved the incredible smell of fresh ground pepper. I look forward to continuing using this product in the future. It’s amazing how something we use everyday has so many benefits and the Black Pepper oil has been used way before I even learned how to cook.

Initial Impressions

A friend sous-chef recommended this product to me. I was first hesitant to use it because I did not have any idea how to use essential oil before, but you would never know the result until you try it. I just hope that I get to know it earlier. I believe it helped to the growth of my business, I’m getting more orders on my beefsteak now than before. My small restaurant is now getting attention in my local area.

My personal rating

I will rate the Black Pepper Vitality a 10/10 as it worked really great with my recipes and the convinience it gives me. My dinners loved the rich peppery flavor it gave to my dishes.


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