Believe Essential Oil Blend


Believe contains Idaho Blue Spruce, Idaho Balsam Fir, Frankincense, and other essential oils that may encourage feelings of strength and faith when used aromatically.

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What I love about

the Believe Essential Oil Blend:
I love Believe Essential Oil Blend because whenever I use it, it boosts my confidence and builds up my self-esteem. It helped we numerous times when I have a presentation at work, I put a drop on my heart, behind my ears and neck. While I am presenting, I can smell the Believe Essential Oil Blend in my body and I get a confidence boosts and my presentation always end up better than I expected. I’ve closed more deals and my superiors are all happy with my success. And every day I make it a habit of applying or inhaling the bottle once or twice a day when I am feeling a little unmotivated.

Initial Impressions

I bought my Believe Essential Oil Blend from their website. It’s a bit costly for a 5ml bottle, but I think it’s worth it. The scent has a stabilizing and calming effect. I have sharper focus and I am filled with hope and inspired to do better every day.

My personal rating

I am giving Believe Essential Oil Blend a 9/10 rating. And I always keep it with me to help me whenever a boost of confidence.


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