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Basil Vitality oil (Ocimum basilicum) has a sweet, warm scent and flavor. This herb is found in a variety of dishes and is popular in both Asian and European cooking. With Basil Vitality essential oil, it’s easy to add this well-loved seasoning to whatever you like. Using an essential oil, you’ll get a brighter flavor than dried herbs without the hassle of fresh herbs.
Young Living’s Basil Vitality essential oil pairs well with savory foods, but you can also add its sweet, slightly peppery flavor to any meal. Try Basil Vitality oil with sauces, breads, soups, chicken, or seafood. Or try a sweet concoction like basil-strawberry lemonade. If you want a lighter basil flavor in your dish, dip a toothpick in the oil and swirl it in your preparations.

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What I love about

the Basil Vitality:
What I like the most with Basil Vitality is the herb aroma that it adds to my dishes. I love cooking seafood and the Basil Vitality gives perfect flavour every time. The smell always makes me eat up. I used to plant basil plant and drying the leaves my self but I found it to much work so I looked for Basil oil instead and it does make things easier. I hesitated at first that it may not be as good as I use before but it does give satisfying flavour. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who wants to try using it. I will get another one after this bottle I got but it may take a while because you only need a few drops everytime you use it.

Initial Impressions

I never thought I will be more satisfied using essentials oils. I always prefer using natural flavoring that I get from my garden but I realize that I could get a brighter flavor than dried herbs without the hassle of fresh herbs. Plus, I believe that this bottle would last long as I expected because you would only need a few drops to get the flavor you want. I ordered the Basil Vitality from their website and didn’t take so long to receive it, packaging was also nicely tacted.

My personal rating

I give this product a five-star rating as I enjoyed it and did not give me any disappointment.


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