Australian Blue Essential Oil Blend


Australian Blue is often used to uplift the spirit. This blend contains Blue Cypress, which is produced from the distillation of the highly prized Callitris intratropica wood in Australia.

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What I love about

the Australian Blue Essential Oil Blend:
My dog and I loves Australian Blue Essential Oil Blend. It eases us both whenever we’re agitated. The scent of Australian Blue Essential Oil Blend slowly brings down the level of my agitation. My dog likes it to as the smell doesn’t bother him. I love diffusing it at morning and at night, it helps me focus on tasks ahead and maintain a stable mood for the whole day.

Initial Impressions

My girlfriend suggested that I should diffuse Australian Blue Essential Oil Blend as it will help my dog too whenever he gets restless. I am glad that while it relaxes my mind and body, it does the same thing for my dog too. It’s not usual for animals to benefit from essential oils and I am really happy that Australian Blue Essential Oil Blend is great with animals too.

My personal rating

I will rate Australian Blue Essential Oil Blend a solid 10/10. I love my dog and this blend helps him too.


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