Acceptance Essential Oil Blend


Containing Coriander and Geranium essential oils, Acceptance encourages feelings of self-worth when used aromatically.

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What I love about

the Acceptance Essential Oil Blend:

What I love about

Acceptance Essential Oil Blend is that it is great when I am meditating or doing yoga. It gives you a sense of serenity and peace. One that makes you feel you are centered. When I smell Acceptance Essential Oil Blend, I feel calmer and I can think more clearly. I can keep my emotions in check when I am stressed. What I do I make sure I have enough time to meditate before I go to work. Then I use Acceptance Essential Oil Blend with a candle diffuser mixed with water and let it flood the room with its fragrance. And I let it burn till I finish getting ready for work. And with that I go to work ready to face the challenges.

Initial Impressions

I have used other blends before but I like the Acceptance Essential Oil Blend the most. It is more potent in calming my mind and my emotions. The smell when diffused in a well-ventilated area enhances its natural scent and in turn it gives me a sense of balance.

My personal rating

I am rating Acceptance Essential Oil Blend 10/10.


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